We are a group of professionals who provide support to development projects, social change, organization and social responsibility in Latin America as experts in communication, knowledge management, participation and sustainable social change.

We shape projects that position, publicize and give visibility to the initiatives of companies, organizations, states, donors and cooperators, allowing them to be dynamic and sustainable.

We promote conversations that bring about changes, systems that create new knowledge and innovative methodology.

Why Grupo Pértiga?

Because we believe in freedom, solidarity and participation. We engage in group and community processes facilitating efficiency and results.
Because we listen to the needs of the clients, we investigate in the communities and public to link them.
Because we know Latin America, its media and civil organizations, the ecosystem of innovation and science, the instruments of fomenting entrepreneurship, stimulus to mipymes, agro and industry.
Because we believe that people are powerful. We are the leaders, protagonists and authors of the world in which we live. Professional communication raises a mirror, interrogates and allows you to discover how to understand needs and bring solutions or multiply original and valuable ideas.

What we do?

We study in depht the proyects with all their complexity.
We bring multidisciplinary answers with solvency in both the public and private sectors.
We facilitate the affiliation to projects and organizations that allow citizens access to public policy instruments. We are experts in social marketing strategies.
We promote technical dialogue by building trust and social spaces of technological and scientific dissemination

How we do it?

We summon people, facilitate the face-to-face and virtual encounter, record events and tell stories of success.
We use word, image and sound in multimedia proposals that motivate and call to action.
We believe in the richness of networks, we work in networking and in improving the coexistence of people. We promote a sensitive and strategic management of technology, which facilitates friendship and trust in business.


We are a network of socially responsible professionals who strategically design, plan and manage communication and organizational and social change in inclusive development projects in Latin America.
We moderate conversations that cause changes and register processes that create new knowledge through an innovative methodology.
We facilitate social transformation through participatory processes that generate sustainable results, and the sensitive and strategic management of technology.
In our growth process, we take special care of the human dimension, the enjoyment and the containment of home offered by our work space.


We integrate media professionals, creative, ICT developers into a sensitive vision of technology at the service of change, society and people.
We broaden our vision and train our clients in the management of the entire communication process.
We participate in knowledge communities, we bring elements from our experience to academia and the professional environment.
We understand the field of organizational and social development, and we work to meet expectations, based on our knowledge, systematized experience and public reputation.



Being a leading group in Iberoamerica, creator of shared social value, able to transmit the genome of their organizational culture and merge it with local cultures.



The Ping® Methodology of Grupo Pértiga seeks to intervene in the negotiation process, which occurs in the meeting of proposals or projects with beneficiaries, stakeholders and their environment.
Solve the diagnosis by action, taking small steps toward community, territorial or virtual change, by learning the results.


From thought to communicative action.
We use the methodology of Design Thinking to generate innovative ideas through design tools. This approach focuses on understanding and finding solutions to the real needs of the people involved in our initiatives.


Content development
  • Audiovisual production: We believe in the audiovisual production with an inclusive and diverse look, which works as a tool for promotion, systematization and apropiation of procces and experience. Read more here
  • WEB and SEO content: We know internet. We produce 2.0 contents for websites, blogs and mobile apps. We do social media strategy which create and encourage virtual communities and conect with the services that institutions offers.  Read more
  • Content Marketing: online campaigns, determination of audiences, media planification and metric tracking; social media manager strategys, email marketing.  Read more
Visibility of UE actions
Since 2006 we were worked in visibility of Assistance and Cooperation UE projects in LATAM, with the firm purpose of being their partners for success.
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External communication and press
We develop communication strategies, speech development, creativity and design; training; Implementation of campaigns, monitoring and analysis; Development and circulation of viral contents; Media training for leaders and spokespersons; Press rounds, concentration of interview agendas and visiting media torus; Writing newsletters, newsletters and media releases; Articles, white papers and the study of attractive and charismatic cases; Social network management; among others.
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Communication for health
We work in communication for social and organizational change in health projects and their care. We specialize in the communication of rights and citizenship, through institutions, initiatives and public policy instruments.
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Event organization
We organize events. We formulate and facilitate strategies of communication and participation of meetings together with our clients. We convene, facilitate and articulate service providers for workshops, seminars, conferences, congresses, symposia and conventions.
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Multimedia traslation
We make content that includes the greatest diversity of viewers possible, and integrate strategies to overcome language barriers or understanding. We understand Multimedia Translation as a form of inclusion, oriented to adapt audiovisual products to be accessible, while taking into account the multiplatforms in which these products are created and issued.

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